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For over twenty years Innovation Engineering has been manufacturing fishing tackle, underwater lights, nets, gaffs and floats for fishermen throughout Australia and overseas.

Based in the seaside town of Somerton Park, about 15 minutes from Adelaide CBD, Innovation Engineering have successfully maintained over the years a high standard of quality together with prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

Marketing Director Carol Ganley said “Our high quality products have certainly maintained their popularity in the market place.  There is no test like the test of time to demonstrate that our lures are really world class.  It is very satisfying walking along a jetty or at a boat ramp and watching children with their parents using our lures or nets –
helping people enjoy their leisure time makes all the hard work in the factory worthwhile.”

Over the years we have experimented with a variety of materials and colours which have lead to our successful range of squid lures and depth chargers.  Our range of products include a high tech underwater light and a variety of strong high quality nets and gaffs. which are all made in our factory at Somerton Park.

So when fishing off the local jetty or enjoying a day out in the boat you can be sure that someone is using a King, Tiger or Nipper prawn made by Innovation Engineering. 

For further information please contact:
Carol Ganley,  Innovation Engineering.   Tel:  08 8376 1442

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